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Facilities were kept on the move until space was available for this underground re-location. There were simply too many moving targets for the Allies to completely stop German war production.

Of course the weak link in this scheme was transportation.

But new archival research in Europe and the United States, substantiated by the authors exclusive and unprecedented access to KGB files, reveals another story - one that shows just how close England came to making a peace deal with Hitlers Germany.

In this latest of John Costellos important and highly controversial re-examinations of modern history, "Ten Days to Destiny" reveals how Hess came to England at Hitlers direction and with the connivance of the British secret service and powerful elements in British society, bearing a serious peace offer that would have allowed England to retain its empire in return for her support for Germanys invasion of the Soviet Union.

Likewise, high priority targets included oil production and refining facilities which produced the fuel and lubricants needed to make the war effort possible.

In addition to underground facilities, camouflage was used to hide numerous smaller facilities.

The munitions plants needed to produce the arms to maintain the war effort, such as tanks, airplanes and cannons were all targets of Allied air bombardment.Further confusing Allied air intelligence, the plants were constantly moving.Eventually everything of value was to be moved underground, to bomb-proof shelters.The dramatic fight of Rudolf Hess, Hitlers infamous deputy, to England in May 1941 has been a mystery and a source of controversy for fifty years.The official version maintains that this was the solitary adventure of a madman, unrelated to the course of World War II.

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