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And "Chitayka" will help your child to overcome this gap!In developing an application, we take into account the methodological ideas Zaitsev, houses, as well as our own long experience of teaching reading. The older one Our younger daughter Our younger daughter lives in Washington. He arrived last eleven o’clock Say that it’s very late. Because he arrived too he’s going to leavetomorrow nightbecause He wants to go He wants to go to Philadelphia. After all, what would happen, if we add the [em] and [a], for example? It turns out that you need not add the sound [m] sound [a], and the car with watermelon. Unlike many, "Chitayka" children are not confused - 'Chitayka "teaches to read! They contain no unnecessary elements that could distract from the educational process, and even confuse the baby. We do not teach children proper alphabetical order, ie. Well, the maximum in order to find the right word in a paper catalog or dictionary (than your kid, at least in the near future is unlikely to attend to). Among them you can find out what exactly is the purpose of each of the training levels, as well as how best to organize the work of the kid with our application.And by doing this procedure twice, to get the word "mother"? But in order to read the actual knowledge of the alphabet is not necessary at all. To the child was interesting learning tasks interspersed with colorful mini-games. By using this practice, you are free to overcome your urge to assist you to come lacking breaking gry buying enough passing along your lover spare gryual development.

Other levels, step by step, the baby is fed to achieve the main goal - a cursory reading of the words. Multi-level system of organization of the material is unique and has no analogues on the market. But it is precisely this ornate go through many learning games.Chitayka includes 10 levels, of which the first 4 - Work with syllables and individual letters, and 6 are devoted to the following word.Levels are built on the principle of increasing complexity.None of the existing training application does not contain such a large number of intermediate steps you need to learn to read. In most cases these letters in order not voiced sound that represents the letter (m - [m]) and by alphabetic name of its (m - [um]). They are only needed in case anyone asks tell alphabet.If the other products can be used only as an aid, additional material for teaching reading, the "Chitayka" - a training system that is capable of directly teach a child to read. We involve the baby in an interactive learning process, offer him the job and constantly give feedback consistently teach him to cope with the tasks at different levels of complexity. Owning effective methods of teaching reading, we do not allow the errors inherent in many applications. For sounds visually fixed rather than a graphical image of the letter, as the image of a word that begins with that letter. And at the same time all the training screens extremely concise. Or to correctly pronounce a phrase such as "This letter [en]".

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