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• What Was the Purpose of These Cave Paintings? • Famous Caves - France and Spain - Rest of Europe - India - South Africa - Namibia - Australia - Argentina - SE Asia In prehistoric art, the term "cave painting" encompasses any parietal art which involves the application of colour pigments on the walls, floors or ceilings of ancient rock shelters.

A monochrome cave painting is a picture made with only one colour (usually black) - see, for instance, the monochrome images at Chauvet.

Definition, Characteristics • Origins and History • Types • Cave Painting in 3 Stages • Where are Most Cave Paintings Located? • What Sort of Pictures were Painted in Prehistoric Caves?

• What Painting Methods Did Stone Age Artists Use?

They were discovered in 1994, and date from 30,000 BCE.

The most productive periods of cave art were the Gravettian and Magdalenian cultures, dating from 25,000-20,000 BCE and 15,000-10,000 BCE respectively.

• How did Prehistoric Artists Obtain their Paint Colours?

• Did Stone Age Painters Make Preliminary Sketches?

Third, the edges of the animal's body would be shaded with black or another pigment to increase its three-dimensionality.Painting comes first, followed by mobiliary art, as exemplified by the portable Venus figurines like the Venus of Hohle Fels (38-33,000 BCE).Broadly speaking, cave painting techniques and materials improved across the board, century by century.The largest cave clusters are in the Dordogne (Lascaux, Cussac, Laussel, Font-de-Gaume, Les Combarelles, Rouffignac), and around Monte Castillo in the district of Puente Viesgo, Cantabria, but other magnificently decorated caves have been found in various parts of the world - including South Africa, Argentina, India, China, Australia and elsewhere.At present, the earliest art in prehistoric caves, whose dates of origin have been authenticated by radiocarbon dating, consists of abstract signs - namely a red dot and a hand print - found among the El Castillo cave paintings in Cantabria, Spain.

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At present we have no firm idea when cave painting first began.

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