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People from the same school trained under the same master may have different individual styles (such as Zhang Ziqian and Liu Shaochun of the Guangling school).

There is a difference between qin schools and qin societies.

The basic contents of qin literature is mainly essays discussing and describing the nature of qin music, the theory behind the notes and tones, the method of correct play, the history of qin music, lists of mentions in literature, etc.

The detail can be very concise to extremely detailed and thorough.

Northern schools tend to be more vigorous in technique than Southern schools.

Often, the school is originated from a single person, such as the Wu school which is named after the late Wu Zhaoji.

The style can vary considerably between schools; some are very similar, yet others are very distinct.

Such schools generally formed around areas where qin activity was greatest.

Some schools have come and gone, and some have offshoots (such as the Mei'an school, a Zhucheng school offshoot).

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Therefore, there exist different schools and societies which transmit these different ideas and artistic traditions.

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