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According to design website The Red List, “The French decorator was rapidly remarked from 1913 as the creator of luxurious furniture freed from Art Nouveau's floral ornamentation and 19th century heaviness.

From 1920, he edited refined geometrical objects and furniture featuring elegant and pure lines and harmonious volumes.

A prominent style emerged in this international showing.

Distinctive and recurring features included Egyptian inspiration, a love of gold (especially paired with black), reliefs in architecture, stunning and energetic deployment of geometric forms, fern motifs, classical muscular bodies (often nude or nearly so) in elegant repose or noble struggle, ancient Greco-Roman symbols, contrasts of round curves and edgy angles, and layered fanning lines. Not until 1966 was this look given the appellation of Art Deco, from the fair at which it made its presence known and felt, in a book on the subject.

When Baz Luhrmann and his wife Catherine Martin came out with a new film adaptation of one of America’s most classic novels, The Great Gatsby, it may have been at first surprising.

Luhrmann’s only movie since the completion of his fantastic Red Curtain Trilogy—Strictly Ballroom, Romeo Juliet, and Moulin Rouge—was the abysmal Australia, though an Alexander movie with Leonardo Dicaprio had been planned and scrapped after the failure of Oliver Stone’s take on the same subject around the same time as Troy, which lead studio executives to feel people had reached their saturation point with sandal-and-sword epics for the time being.

Adding to these disparate sources of inspiration was the rise of the Machine Age. From the four corners, land, sky, and sea, come rushing machines that carry us boldly and powerfully into the future.Rounded curves such as the globe, the sea-caps, and the snouts of the blimp and plane are contrasted with the hard and jagged edges of mountains, speedboats, and lightning.In the upper right corner, the dove is flying in with the leaf in her mouth alluding to the flood being over in the book of Genesis.The novel sets the mind reeling with its Jazz Age imagery, set in the heady, hedonistic ascent of Art Deco, with the economic collapse of the thirties rumbling just ahead in the future, like an ominous car idling in the drive.In 1925, Paris hosted Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes.

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