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The earth is a place of beauty and abundance, a place of self-renewal and constant re-creation.It has been the mortal home for billions upon billions of people, and yet still it is capable of sustaining billions more.Ponder for a moment your own relationship to Adam and Eve—your ever-so-great grandparents.Have the ensuing millennia made them seem unreal to you, like fictional characters in a novel? Adam will return to earth prior to the Millennium to preside under Christ at the great council of Adam-ondi-Ahman (see Daniel 7; D&C 116), and he will lead the armies of the Almighty God to battle against the assembled hosts of Satan in the last great battle of the earth (see D&C 2–15).Think of what special qualities they must have possessed to have been chosen to lead the way.You have probably read the account of the Creation before, perhaps many times.Performance in one estate would vitally affect the succeeding estate or estates.If a person kept his first estate, he would be permitted the second or the mortal life as a further period of trial and experience.

When we talk about the beginning of eternity, it is rather simple conversation, and goes far beyond the capacity of man.” ( p. Our spirits existed before they came to this world.

5–6.) Thus, all men had existence for an unknown length of time before the world was ever created (see D&C –17). Kimball explained: “Life was to be in three segments or estates: premortal, mortal, and immortal.

The third stage would incorporate exaltation—eternal life with godhood—for those who would fully magnify their mortal lives.

4–5.) This “long period of growth and development” must surely have had a great influence on what man is now.

For example, President Brigham Young pointed out that all men know there is a God even though some have forgotten that they know.

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