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The bands are good and they always have a great lively crowd dancing and singing along.

At any one time, half a dozen girls will be on stage and they are among the sexiest bar girls in town. Spotlight Bar: Central go-go with a handful of girls strutting their stuff on stage at any one time.

Plenty more mill about and they are happy to have drinks bought for them while they wait their turn in the ‘rotation’. Short-time rates from 1,500 Baht, with 500 Baht bar fine. The girls are not very pretty, however, and short-time is 1,500 Baht (two hours), with a 500 Baht bar fine.

Ireland / Erin The earliest settlers arrived in Ireland around 9500 BC, following the slow Ice Age thaw and a gradual process of rehabitation of the British Isles.

If you like to take a seat at the beer garden 9pm would be a better time to arrive.

Roots Rock Reggae offers live bands playing everything from Ska/punk to Reggae.

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Remnants of their presence are still scattered across the island.

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  1. Did they reject you because you’re not tall enough, smart enough, attractive enough, rich enough, educated enough, or hip enough? Then you start to second guess everything you did and said.