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He has also formed his own party, from which he continues to establish his independence from Iran.

The Sadrist movement, which represents millions of poor Shia Muslims in Baghdad and throughout southern Iraq, has also openly aligned itself in the anti-Iranian camp.

The fatwa’s unintended effect was to give these groups some form of religious legitimacy.If these parties really want to prevent Iranian influence, they should provide assistance to security units, like the counter-terrorism service, which has been by far the most effective force against the Islamic State.The continued success of professional security services, rather than Iran-backed paramilitary groups, will allow for Iraq to guarantee its own security.This means the various alliances must engage in horse trading and coalition building to form a government.As parties try to secure lucrative ministries, they will lose sight of the goals that they campaigned on – like Iraqi independence.

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But a new fatwa from Ayatollah Sistani, following the total liberation of Iraqi territories from Isis, could redefine the obligations of those Iraqis who volunteered in 2014 as being to support Iraq’s army and police – which prohibits Iraqis from engaging in any actions that would undermine Iraq’s national sovereignty.

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