Cute ways to say yes to dating

It has become the norm to use creative ways to invite someone to school dances, including prom.A cute or unique invitation warrants a creative response." (09/05/2007) By Jenna I had been crushing on this kid for a long time and he knew it, so he called my mom and asked her if it would be ok if he asked me to homecoming.So he took the little Hershey kisses and took them from my back door to my bathroom, and then hung roses from my shower head, and then had a path of roses to my bedroom saying "now that I have kissed the ground you walk on and showered you with roses, will you go to homecoming with me?

So yesterday the guy that I have a thing with asked me to my sophomore prom!(04/15/2007) I answered this guy by leaving a trail of army men to his room.When he got there, there was a sign saying "it would take an army to hold me back from going to the dance with you." Then I put army men all over his room so he pretty much had nowhere to walk. (09/01/2007) By Rylee If you're planning on saying yes, fill his room or car with pink balloons and feathers and say "it would tickle me pink to go to the dance with you!Finally, I got all the notes and put them together. OR,write a different answer on each page: I want to I'm excited Can't wait Lookin' forward to it so much You're so sweet to ask meetc."After a couple great drives, after hitting the green with your irons, and after sinking that putt, will you make it to prom with me? Leave the booklet where he'll be sure to find it. Get a plain white T-shirt and, using all different colors of washable markers, write different answers such as: "I'd love to," "no," "Let's do this," "No way," "Dream guy," "Not in your life," etc. Then, with a permanent marker write a "yes" in the mix. For girl's choice dances, I have been answered in a few cute ways...

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He asked me by putting little notes all over the walls leading up to my bedroom and then in my bedroom, he decorated the place with my favorite colors. Unroll one or two and write your answer on the inside of the wrapper.

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