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With the rise of photo apps like Tinder, it’s clear there are much quicker and quirkier ways to find your better half. The drinks are prepaid and Grouper tells you exactly where to meet up, so all you have to do is decide who should tag along. Maybe all three of you will find a love connection.

Whether you’re looking for friendship, a random hookup or location-based love, there’s a slew of dating apps and websites out there for every kind of single. Formerly called “Bang with Friends,” this app lets you find friends on Facebook who are willing to get down tonight. Friends won’t know who’s selected them unless the feeling is mutual.

Grouper sets you up with a match, then lets both parties bring along two friends.

Down can be used for dating as well, but let’s be honest: This app still lives up to its former name. Trint Me allows shy users to initiate the next step behind the veil of their smartphones.

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  2. However, Passie, Candy (a contact magazine, very popular amongst swingers) and Sweethearts (formerly Seventeen), as well as Seventeen Amateur are still very much alive, with Passie even being the biggest men's magazine on the Dutch market.

  3. However, keep in mind that as women get older, many lose the ability to self-lubricate which can make sex more challenging. If she asks to use some lube don’t take this as a sign that you’re doing something wrong – take it as a sign she wants you guys to have the hottest sex possible.