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To start at the beginning, click here -- or jump right in at date sixteen below. Thanks to some excellent navigation, I make it to the theatre just five minutes behind schedule. This should be a pretty foolproof date -- I mean, all I have to do is sit there and not do anything weird while staring at a screen for two hours. I start by kicking out my footrest just seconds before a ten-person group comes down our aisle, forcing every single one of them to maneuver (poorly) around my 6 ft. Then, in the middle of the first particularly weighty cinematic moment, I forget how to hold onto a fork and it clatters against the ground for an abnormally lengthy amount of time. Because we're five-years-old, we think this is hysterical. (Don't get me wrong -- I LOVE holding hands..like most things in life, I like to know that I have an easy out in case things get awkward.

Sunday night, I'm running late yet again and am weirdly nervous about it. Hopefully not because I'm already starting to get a tiny bit attached. I grab a table over in the bar area and wait it out. Comfy seats, a menu with decent enough options, and a full bar -- big fan. About halfway through the movie, Ok C T and I both find out that the seats make those never-get-old sounds of flatulence when they recline. How am I supposed to know when it's okay to unlatch my gentle, gentle grasp?

Ok C T decides to take this special little bonding moment to reach over and interlock his hand with mine.

Date 21/30: Ok Cupid Taylor* My fourth date with Ok Cupid Taylor! I had been out way too late the night before due to a surprise visit from my bestest friend in the entire world. Ok Cupid Taylor didn't stand a chance -- especially after he sent this text, mid-sandwich orders: Ok CT: Oy vey. All in all, I maintain a decent degree of pep and appreciation. Wink wink nudge nudge, ladies.) Finally, I get to the actual talking-to-people part. There is, thankfully, no chat option available on e Harmony - though you can "send a smile", which sort of looks like one of those stickers your first-grade teacher used to give you for meeting your reading goal. e Harmony has devised a very controlled get-to-know-your-potential-stalkers process called Guided Communication: Stage 1: Quick Questions You pick five questions from their list of fifteen or so and send 'em over to your Prince(ss) Charming. (Sidenote: There does appear to be a disproportionately large number of single men in Woodland Hills. Apparently, he entered through the backside of the building. He declines my offer to meet him in the back, instead having me stay on the phone with him while he breathes heavily en route/refuses all attempts at chatter. It only takes us about twenty minutes to consume our deli snacks..then we spent the next fifteen hiking back to my car to drop off the blanket, etc before starting our tour of bones. When I get to the museum's main entrance, Ok C T is nowhere to be found. Some things are a bit better in theory than in practice. A fine - not to be confused with fine dining - establishment, offering students and locals the chance to supplement their sushi with a hit of hookah.

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And it's just so bright and shiny and smug and judgy. BBFF suddenly realizes he has to go, citing a call on "the other line". I take a deep breath, glare into my Mac Book, and resign to get this last little sucker all set up. You pick your top 10 from each list and send 'em over to compare and contrast. Stage 3: By now, you're probably starting to lose interest in this person you've never met and who means nothing to you yet, and you're probably considering dropping out of this lengthy, lengthy process.

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